Ivy's Vision

When Mayor Taylor ran for a full term as our mayor, she promised to keep our community safe and protect taxpayers by reaching a contract agreement with the San Antonio Police Officers Association (SAPOA) that kept public safety spending to 66% of the City’s budget while fairly compensating the men and women who risk their lives on a daily basis for all San Antonians.

After a long and difficult negotiation, the members of SAPOA agreed to a new contract that was approved by the San Antonio City Council on an overwhelming 9-2 vote. The contract increased pay for police officers while saving $87.5 million in health care costs over the next five years and achieving the fiscal discipline sought by Mayor Taylor and her Council colleagues.

But Mayor Taylor knows resolving the police contract is just one part of keeping our community safe. She understands our City must continue reforming policing to ensure that every San Antonian is confident that law enforcement truly protects and serves them.

Since taking office, Mayor Taylor has supported the use of body cameras and the creation of specialized police response teams trained to deal with situations involving the homeless and those suffering from mental illness.

She is also working to address accountability within the police department to prevent the tension and distrust seen between police officers and citizens in other communities around the country. Creating the Mayor’s Committee on Police-Community Relations, Mayor Taylor has asked neighborhood, civic, religious and law enforcement leaders to work together in developing solutions that make our community more secure by increasing police accountability in instances where bad cops break the law and harm instead of protecting San Antonians. She knows promoting healthy dialogue, diversifying our police force and working together to find solutions that lead to lasting reforms are critical to avoiding the divisions that plague so many others.

Ivy's Vision

With nearly 1.1 million new residents expected to call our city home by 2040, San Antonio is in the midst of unprecedented growth. Whether it’s roads, sidewalks, water security or access to high-speed internet, infrastructure improvements will enhance the quality of life for San Antonio’s current and future residents while ensuring that businesses have the foundation they need to get the job done.

During her first term as Mayor, Ivy Taylor committed to addressing these needs by championing SA Tomorrow - the city’s first comprehensive plan in over 30 years -- because she knew that without a plan our city would be unprepared for the future. Now she is leading the charge to make the largest infrastructure investment in San Antonio’s history. 

As a part of this investment, Mayor Taylor is committed to:

Construction and Upkeep: Maintaining the quality of basic infrastructure like streets and drainage is the fundamental reason city governments exists. We must continue to prioritize maintaining our streets while expanding the capacity of our roads. Our thoroughfares are the arteries of our city and unless we work diligently to minimize the congestion now, we won’t be able to absorb future growth.

Walkable Neighborhoods: Every resident of San Antonio deserves a walkable neighborhood. The reality is that our city faces more than $1 billion in deferred maintenance and sidewalk construction. Ensuring properly managed sidewalks not only increases safety but contributes to healthier lifestyles and promote community engagement and unity. Properly managing sidewalks increases safety and contributes to healthier lifestyles while promoting community engagement and unity.

High-speed Internet Connects Families and Business to a Better Future: With jobs increasingly dependent upon global digital interaction, access to reliable, high-speed internet is more important than ever. As Mayor, Ivy Taylor has worked to make San Antonio the largest city in America with access to Google Fiber and expanded AT&T Gigafiber. She has also partnered with HUD and the San Antonio Housing Authority to launch the Connect Home initiative to close the digital divide and provide families who otherwise can’t afford it with the internet access they need to help educate their children and be a part of our growing technology driven economy. As we continue to develop access points for home and businesses, Mayor Taylor also wants to increase internet access in public buildings and parks.

Securing Our Water Supply and Future: No single issue is more important to the future of San Antonio than water. As our city continues to grow, we must ensure that water usage remains sustainable. As Mayor, Ivy Taylor had the foresight to take the first major step towards the future sustainability of our city by leading the charge on the construction of the Vista Ridge pipeline to help reduce the burden on the Edwards Aquifer while guaranteeing our water security for a generation. And while Vista Ridge is a great start, Mayor Taylor recognizes we must continue to invest in diverse opportunities like our inland desalinization plant, aquifer storage and recovery and upgraded infrastructure so that we can protect the water we have while sustaining healthy growth for the future.

Ivy's Vision

A 21st century, globally competitive economy requires a 21st century workforce. Our thriving business environment creates jobs that offer all San Antonians the opportunity to prosper and secure a better future when they have the skills to succeed. Mayor Taylor knows we must continue developing educational pathways that offer residents the skills they need to be a part of businesses who compete in the global marketplace. By focusing on workforce development and technical education, Mayor Taylor is committed to:

Educating the Way to Prosperity: Mayor Taylor will continue partnering with the private sector and our existing education leaders like the Alamo Colleges to invest in high-quality workforce development programs. She wants to keep the focus on educational investments in growing industries to build a pipeline of talent that will put more of our residents into the high paying jobs our thriving business community creates.

Getting What’s Needed to Succeed: As we continue to develop strong programs like My Brother’s Keeper San Antonio and SA Works to equip our residents with 21st-century skills, Mayor Taylor will continue pushing state and federal leaders to invest in the future of Texas by investing in San Antonio, now. Workforce Development must become a priority at all levels, and appropriate funding should be allocated to ensure local programs will succeed.

Retaining Young Talent: Did you know that more students graduate from San Antonio colleges than Austin colleges each year? If San Antonio is going to attract top companies both domestically and abroad, Mayor Taylor knows the first step is to create pipelines for our own best and brightest to find the jobs in which they can grow, contribute and build a more prosperous future for their families. Through the creation of programs like the industry-driven SA Works, Mayor Taylor is building the city of tomorrow by connecting the students and employers of today. She will continue developing innovative strategies under the SA Works umbrella at the Economic Development Foundation to help us retain more of these talented students and move more of our residents into high paying, in-demand jobs.

Ivy's Vision

Small business and entrepreneurs are the backbone of the American economy and the force behind San Antonio’s evolution as a thriving 21st-century city.

From ventures like Geekdom to Café Commerce, San Antonio is building an infrastructure to help today’s small business’s become tomorrow’s global leaders in innovation. Continuing San Antonio’s drive to help local, small businesses compete globally, Mayor Ivy Taylor is committed to:

Laying the Foundation: While innovation sparks growth, infrastructure helps it scale. Mayor Taylor is working to build the best physical and digital infrastructure in the nation. She has made providing residents and businesses with the resources they need to compete in the global marketplace. Whether it’s roads to keep people and products moving or gigabit internet to end the digital divide, Mayor Taylor is ensuring our infrastructure is ready to help San Antonians take their great ideas and make them even better in order to compete internationally.

Cutting Red Tape : To compete globally San Antonio must first attract the best workers and the brightest minds Texas has to offer. Mayor Taylor wants San Antonio to be the best city in the state for starting and growing a small business. She believes City Hall must lead the way in developing new policies and best practices that foster small business innovation, so entrepreneurs can spend more time solving problems and less time worrying about city regulations.

Incubating Global Markets: Mayor Taylor understands that as our economy becomes more interconnected, we must continue to create new opportunities for small businesses to bring their product to markets across the globe. Whether that means sending mechanized aircraft parts to Mexico, collaborating on water conservation technologies with Windhoek, or innovating around cybersecurity with Darmstadt, she will continue working with economic development leaders to make the development of international trading partners a priority for the City of San Antonio.

It's the people of San Antonio who make our city unlike any other in the nation.